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Utilization Procedures

1.    UMRIC Study Registration Workflow

What type of Grant do you have?

What type of Grant do you have?

    § A. Clinical Investigation Centre (CIC) – all external grants, including external grants under University Malaya (FRGS/MOSTI/LRGS/PRGS) that are registered through CIC

A. Clinical Investigation Centre (CIC) Grant

Study Procedures:

1.    Complete the UMRIC Investigation Approval form CIC.

2.    Submit your UMRIC Investigation Approval Form with:

          Please verify: 

  • What type of radiological tests are going to be performed.
  • The consumables (e.g., contrast) expected to be used. 

 3.    Once approved, PI must pay for overall study first (UMMC & UMRIC charges) to get UMRIC Investigation Approval Form. 

        PI need to submit complete UMRIC Investigation Approval Form for each patient (with patient's sticker) to the BioMedical Imaging Department counter for patient  

        registration with attached CIC Guarantee Letter (GL) and UMRIC approval form.

 4.    PI must take note that the radiologists and radiographers (off-office hours) involved will fill up the UMRIC Study Claim form

 5.    PI must submit scan summary and complete UMRIC Study Claim Form (Pink Color) to UMRIC for Invoice preparation.

 6.    UMRIC will  prepare the invoice and send it back to CIC for claiming purposes.

 7.    Requests for CDs or films: liaise with the PACS room. Bring your empty CD’s before the slot date and RM5.00 will be charged per CD’s through PAC’s Room.


B. University of Malaya Grant 

1.     Study Procedures:

         Fill up and submit your UM UMRIC Investigation Approval Form to with:

  • UMRIC Study Registration Form  
  • A copy of the study proposal
  • A copy of Grant approval letter, and
  • The ethics approval letter from UMMC Ethics Department
    2.    Present your study requirements to the UMRIC committee (Select your date and reconfirm with UMRIC secretariat and refer to Schedule of UMRIC Study Presentation Year 2018)
    3.    Once UM UMRIC Investigation Approval Form approved by Head of UMRIC, PI/Student bring the copies approval UM UMRIC Investigation Approval Form and give to Radiology Counter fro patients registration.
    4.    PI/Student must collect UMRIC approved form from UMRIC office. Please make sure that all forms have investigation number and stamped by UMRIC.
    5.    PI/Student must pay cash for the bill to radiology counter.
    6.    Please refer to the flowchart.




1.   All final year Master of Radiology/Master of Medical Physics/ Phd / researcher who have registered for studies with UMRIC must submit their final list of radiological investigations performed in UMMC. This is to ensure that the research lists match the samples / list of patients with UMRIC Investigation approval form containing the registered serial number.

2.  Any discrepancy within the lists has to be settled prior to thesis submission, to avoid future charges to patients or researcher or principle investigators.

3.  Student / researcher must verify the above has been done by signing the UMRIC Verification Agreement Letter.

4.  Student / researcher is responsible for any UMMC charges which may arise at later date.

2.    Research Execution Workflow

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